A million colours in the world. And yet, no shade as bright as the grey of your shadow, that manages to light me up even in the darkest of days.

They say, fire is a dangerous thing. But what do they know? Most days, it is the fire in you that keeps me alive.

Your eyes sing melodies to me that echo the lyrics of my long-lost soul. I do not know where else to find myself !

You are a terrific piece of art, don’t you know? Had I been the artist, I would not have even dared to paint another canvas after you.

I swear, I could forever be in your trance and yet be more awake than I have ever been. I have never known this kind of bliss before. But then you came along. And unearthed parts in me, I had rarely seemed to have noticed before. It is strange how you have picked up pieces of my ashen soul, and stroke-by-stroke, bit-by-bit, managed to create your magnum opus out of them.


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