Jama Masjid diaries.

Day breaks and this city assumes a life of its own.


We glided up the stairs, from gate no. 3, looking all around, at the tourists thronging the steps with a hard-to-beat-down energy, at the white marble domes adorning the red sandstone marvel that stood before us, at the gigantic arched doorway that awaited our entrance.


Inside, there is a hauz at the center of the courtyard, where devotees take off their shoes and wash their faces, hands and feet.




The prayer hall faces West ( the holy Mecca!), and has walls adorned with beautiful calligraphic inscriptions.



This place inhabits a magical calm of its own.


To realize that we had scored a few seconds of peace amidst the hustle bustle of an insanely crowded Old Delhi, was reassuring in its own way. This place certainly is a jewel.


There are two tall minarets and only the southern one is open to public. So we jumped on this opportunity and bought tickets immediately.


Getting leaner as we climbed higher, the ascent was bizarre. 130 steps later, the summit offered a sight that was a bliss to behold.




40 m above ground, feet jostling for space, carefully propped on an inch of stone, wind in our faces and the panorama of an entire city sprawled before our eyes; it was enough to give us a happy high! You should visit it for yourself to get the real jitters!



This is the second installation in the 3-part series of my escapades in the historical city of Shahjahanabad. Read the first part here


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