Tell me, what is beautiful?

Big eyes? Plump lips? Fair skin? Cute button nose? Long legs ? Biceps? Beard? Big boobs? Round butt? High cheekbones? Perfect jawline? What are your parameters of beauty?

Smoothened shiny straight hair or a raw tangled frizzy mess, what do you choose to call beautiful? And based on what assumptions? Who defines beauty? And why do they get to define it in the first place?

Is beauty so objective that it needs to be confined within the limits of a definition? Is beauty so one-dimensional that there’s no room to accommodate other choices apart from a few limited ones that have been stamped with the adjective of “beautiful”, owing to the popular stereotypes prevalent in the society ?

I personally don’t think so. I think the concept of beauty is rather more subjective. Beauty is beyond any single individual’s perception. That’s the beauty of the word “beauty”, I guess.

Anyone can find beauty in anything.I can call a scar beautiful because it rekindles a memory I cherish. I can call plumpy thighs beautiful because they are just so squishy and I love it that way. I can find messy hair beautiful because I love the mess. (And find it hot!😜 Justifiedly so. 😍)

Anyway, why can’t everyone have their own version of beauty? Whether it is black skin, brown skin, white skin, or for that matter, any other color, how can you even compare these against each other when they are all staggering beauties in their own realms.

Something is beautiful to me while something else is beautiful to you. It doesn’t make the former uglier than the latter or vice versa. Tell me your version of beauty and I will not deny one bit that it can be beautiful. But if you are incapable of seeing any sliver of beauty in something I choose to call “beautiful”, I downright refuse to accept that it is not so.

Beauty abounds. It’s just a matter the lens you choose to see it through. I am capable of seeing beauty where I really want to. If my worldview allows me to. If it is broad enough to accommodate the differences from my own familiarities.

So, what is your idea of beauty? How will you look at the world today? With love? Hatred? Anger? Jealousy? Kindness? What shades will you choose to put on, today?


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