When sweet nothings be like, “We got your back.”

For most people, mornings are reassuring. That first ray of the sun peeking from beneath the clouds is almost like a whisper, “It is a new day! You have got a lot of time on your hands. You can fix almost anything you have, since long, wanted to!” ✌️

Now, that is great. That is perfect. But that kind of reassurance comforts my “mind”. To get going, get doing what I have to. With the reassurance backing it up. Ever so strongly. 👊

But I am still left with an ickle bit of doubt in my “heart” though.🙍

But then there I am, standing in the balcony in the evening, overlooking the bustling streets below, gazing at the moon, and somehow unconsciously splitting my day into nanoseconds to narrate to you every single bit of it, with a weird sort of hyperexcitement. 😍
( And, and, fairly stopping at intervals to listen to your story as well! Ofcourse, I do that! 🙄)

Strangely, there’s nothing more reassuring to me in the world than that.


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