A million colours in the world. And yet, no shade as bright as the grey of your shadow, that manages to light me up even in the darkest of days. They say, fire is a dangerous thing. But what do they know? Most days, it is the fire in you that keeps me alive. Your... Continue Reading →


the moment.

air thick with dust unforgiving Delhi heat whiskey stained lips, unguarded and aware heavy eyelids, but stubborn eyes, unceasingly open, accept nothing but your face empty head, awash in your thoughts inside, a wildfire soars burns brighter than the sun desires escalate immeasurable at their zenith now ego, defenseless, shatters boundaries, blur, dissolve into vanity... Continue Reading →

Jama Masjid diaries.

Day breaks and this city assumes a life of its own. We glided up the stairs, from gate no. 3, looking all around, at the tourists thronging the steps with a hard-to-beat-down energy, at the white marble domes adorning the red sandstone marvel that stood before us, at the gigantic arched doorway that awaited our... Continue Reading →

Tell me, what is beautiful?

Big eyes? Plump lips? Fair skin? Cute button nose? Long legs ? Biceps? Beard? Big boobs? Round butt? High cheekbones? Perfect jawline? What are your parameters of beauty? Smoothened shiny straight hair or a raw tangled frizzy mess, what do you choose to call beautiful? And based on what assumptions? Who defines beauty? And why... Continue Reading →

My happy place.

We sat on the rooftop of an old fort, absorbing all that the city laid bare from its tallest point; wind, birds, airplanes, clouds and ofcourse the sun. Which was apparently a bright yellow when we had arrived, but soon dissolved into an orange gold, quickly turning a blood red, before we got up to... Continue Reading →

Dilli-6 chronicles

I deboarded at the Chandni Chowk metro station and immediately found myself jostling for space to take the next step ahead. (Yes, it is that crowded! 😥) I have always been drawn to the old world charm of Delhi-6, otherwise famously known as the walled city of Shahjahanabad. Most people abhor its narrow lanes, its... Continue Reading →

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